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 “Be Water My Friend” (Remix) is released now!

Style : Electronica, Trance Release date : October 9th, 2017 Duration : 6:24. BPM : 138. Dynamic Range : 3.7 dB R.M.S : – 4.9 dB Mixing & Mastering Time : 48.10 hours | September 29/2017 to October 11/2017
Finally, I have changed one more time the intro of the track and also the stereophony. So  both “Be Water My Friend” and “Be Water My Friend” (Remix) are really different from the original idea. Have fun and don’t hesitate to say which is your favorite.

About the title & the track:

Of course, it is inspired by the famous phrase that Bruce Lee pronounced in the serie “Longstreet” and again in the interview that you can see or review here.
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