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 “Be Water My Friend” is released now!

Style : Electronic, Trance Release date : September 18th, 2017 Duration : 6:46. BPM : 138. Mixing Time : 100 hours | August 8/2017 to September 11/2017 Mastering Time : 57 H. 28 Min. | 9/11 to 9/18/2017.
It is the first track under the name of “Antarzis“. It will be reserved for all tracks in Electronic Dance Music style. A remix is in on the way now. It should be mastered and released this  before october. This remix is in fact the first version of BWMF. (Be Water My Friend) When I have added the vocal samples to the track, I used a new  VST synth and have found  some new melodies patterns that I found more dancing, so I completely redone the first part from the intro to the end of the second break at 3:49 minutes.

About the title & the track:

Of course, it is inspired by the famous phrase that Bruce Lee pronounced in the serie “Longstreet” and again in the interview that you can see or review here.
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