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 “One More Death”  EP is released now!

About the EP:

After “One More Year” and “One More Year” (Remix) under “Antarzis”, I continue the serie “One More …” with this time “One More Death” EP under “Akazis”. I started production of this EP on March 6, 2018 and ended September 6, 2018, date of its release. Initially, it was only one track: “One More Death”. The title closest to the original idea is: “One More Death (Halloween Mix)”; Number 3 in the playlist of the EP. Compared to the original track, I extended the duration, inserting new leads and vocals. After finding new melodies, the track’s duration exceeded 16 minutes. The second part being really different from the first, I decided to cut the track in two  to create “One More Life”. Number 2 in the playlist. Why the title “One More Life”: Because this track is more energetic, perhaps more psychedelic than “One More Death” and of course less dark. After finishing these two titles, I was not satisfied of “One More Death”. So I decided to start from scratch and create “One More Death”, the longest EP track (12:06). This is where I decided to do an EP. I made the above changes to “One More Death (Halloween Mix) and create the 4th track “One More Mantra”. This title is perhaps more in the spirit of “Progressive Psytrance”? … Some nice female vocals mantra are added to this track. I wanted to finish “One More Death” in 1 month, it finally took me exactly 6 months to finish it! The good news is that it’s now a 4-tracks EP!

1. One More Death

2.One More Life

3.One More Death (Halloween Mix)

4.One More Mantra

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