3 Psytrance tracks by Akazis. 148 bpm

One More…(X) by AkaZiS [PsyTrance 148 bpm] Released soon…

After “One More Year” and One More Year (Club Mix) under “Antarzis“.
The third track of my “One More” serie should be released soon under “AkaZiS“.
Finally not only 1 but 3 tracks.
Because when I started creating this track 2 months ago, it ended up lasting more than 17 minutes.
It turns out that the second part is really different from the first one.
So I decided to mix  3 tracks :

  1. Track 1 (One More…) Part A. (over 7 minutes)
  2. Track 2 (One More…) Part B (over 7 minutes, which I extended the intro).
  3. Track 3 (The mix A + B) conforms to the original idea with a bonus (Over 15 minutes)

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