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SEXY MOON (ALIEN MIX) | N°1 – 2019 Sexy Music Track

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 “Sexy Moon” (Alien Mix) is released now!

Style : House, Tech House, Electro House, Underground House. Release date : February 14, 2019. Key : C♯ maj Duration : 11:15. BPM : 128. Mixing & Mastering Time : Start : 2018, Thursday January 10th. End : 2018, Thursday February 10th. Total Time spent on it : 154 Hours.

About the title & the track

Alien Mix” is an another mix of “Sexy Moon” that I have released last december. I have added some “alien” sounds / FXs and remade everything: bass, leads, drums, Fx… I also wanted to make a wink to the 50th anniversary of the first steps on the moon: 1969-2019. I thus added some real astronaut voices along the track. If you listen to it until the end, you can also hear a little wink for a famous 1960s sci-fi American series that I loved… This track and the remix of “Sexy Moon”  will be released on Beatport  on February 27th. If you want to know the release dates of my futurs tracks, follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may also subscribe to my newsletter.

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