Antarzis 2020 Remix Album |Code Name "FM"

AntarZiS “Remix album” (2017-2019) [Electro-Tech-House,Progressive House]on the way 🙀with new tracks.👶 It should be released on March/April. Actually, you are listening a test (one of 15 that i have currently made) of a new track included (with 1 or 2 remix). Total : About 10 to 14 tracks. Once the album is released, I will do the same for “AkaZiS” PsyTrance.👽

"One More Trip" Released !

OnE MoRe TriP” out now

An unusual Hypnotic 20:20 min. Psychedelic Trance Trip in order to start 2020 in a delightful style!
Style : Psytrance, Psychedelic, Acid, Darkpsy
Release date : December 20, 2019
Digital Music Stores & Streaming Services : January 3, 2020
Preorder : December 21, 2019



Basstille R-Evolution (Caliente Mix)

AntarZiS Last Release

Official Store Release : September 20.
Digital Stores & Streaming Services : October 18.

Full Music Video

Full HD
Length : 10:24.

Crazy Horse

AkaZiS Last Release

Official Store Release : May 1, 2019.
Digital Stores & Streaming Services : May 1, 2019.


AkaZiS Free Track


Be Water My Friend

AntarZiS Free Track


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