A Snake Behind You

Release date : November 7, 2017

Style : PsyTrance, DarkPsy
148 BPM
Total Time : 7Min.20Sec.
Check out "A Snake Behind You" original track by Akazis on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, Tidal and Deezer Including "One More Life", "One More Mantra" and "One More Death" (Halloween Mix). Psytrance, Darkpsy.Check out Antarzis and Akazis tracks on Deezer : House, Electro House, Tech House, Underground House, Electronica, Trance and Psytrance styles.

 “A Snake Behind You”  is released now!

Style : Dark Psytrance

Release date : November 7, 2017

Duration : 7:20.

BPM : 148.

Mixing & Mastering Time : 70.43 hours | October 4/2017 to November 4/2017





About the title & the track:

It’s my first Dark Psytrance style track under Akazis, maybe more tracks should be released in this style.
Enjoy and don’t forget,
There is always “A Snake Behind You“!


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