ONE MORE DEATH EP by AkaZiS released [4 psytrance tracks | 148 bpm]

ONE MORE DEATH EP by AkaZiS released [4 psytrance tracks | 148 bpm]

 “One More Death”  EP is released now!

About the EP:

After “One More Year” and “One More Year” (Remix) under “Antarzis”, I continue the serie “One More …” with this time “One More Death” EP under “Akazis”.
I started production of this EP on March 6, 2018 and ended September 6, 2018, date of its release.
Initially, it was only one track: “One More Death”.
The title closest to the original idea is: “One More Death (Halloween Mix)”; Number 3 in the playlist of the EP.
Compared to the original track, I extended the duration, inserting new leads and vocals.
After finding new melodies, the track’s duration exceeded 16 minutes.
The second part being really different from the first, I decided to cut the track in two  to create “One More Life”. Number 2 in the playlist.
Why the title “One More Life”:
Because this track is more energetic, perhaps more psychedelic than “One More Death” and of course less dark.
After finishing these two titles, I was not satisfied of “One More Death”.
So I decided to start from scratch and create “One More Death”, the longest EP track (12:06).
This is where I decided to do an EP.
I made the above changes to “One More Death (Halloween Mix) and create the 4th track “One More Mantra”.
This title is perhaps more in the spirit of “Progressive Psytrance”?
Some nice female vocals mantra are added to this track.
I wanted to finish “One More Death” in 1 month, it finally took me exactly 6 months to finish it!
The good news is that it’s now a 4-tracks EP!

One More…(X) by AkaZiS [PsyTrance 148 bpm] Released soon…

One More…(X) by AkaZiS [PsyTrance 148 bpm] Released soon…

After “One More Year” and One More Year (Club Mix) under “Antarzis“.
The third track of my “One More” serie should be released soon under “AkaZiS“.
Finally not only 1 but 3 tracks.
Because when I started creating this track 2 months ago, it ended up lasting more than 17 minutes.
It turns out that the second part is really different from the first one.
So I decided to mix  3 tracks :

  1. Track 1 (One More…) Part A. (over 7 minutes)
  2. Track 2 (One More…) Part B (over 7 minutes, which I extended the intro).
  3. Track 3 (The mix A + B) conforms to the original idea with a bonus (Over 15 minutes)
A SNAKE BEHIND YOU [Dark Psytrance 148 bpm] by AKAZIS

A SNAKE BEHIND YOU [Dark Psytrance 148 bpm] by AKAZIS

 “A Snake Behind You”  is released now!

Style : Dark Psytrance
Release date : November 4th, 2017
Duration : 7:20.
BPM : 148.
Dynamic Range : 4.3 db
R.M.S : – 5.3 db
Mixing & Mastering Time : 70.43 hours | October 4/2017 to November 4/2017

About the title & the track:

It’s my first Dark Psytrance style track under Akazis, maybe more tracks should be released in this style.
Enjoy and don’t forget,
There is always “A Snake Behind You”!



Here is my first track released.
It is a kind of Psytrance, Goa Trance track.

Style : Goa Trance | Psy Trance
Release date : August 15th, 2017
Duration : 8:20.
BPM : 145
Dynamic Range : 4.9 / 5.5 dB
R.M.S : – 6.5 / – 6.8 dB
Mixing Time : 174 hours | May 2/2017 to July 19/2017
Mastering Time : 37 H. 45 Min. | August 2 to August 14/2017.

Available in iTunes/Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Groove Music, Juke! …
and also on Spotify (You can directly scan the code on the photo cover album above a with your Spotify app).for free!

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